Daddy’s a cook today …

Posted: 3 March, 2007 in Babbles & Rants
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After rice and curry for dinner for the past few days, I decided to take a break and cook something different from our usual Malay menu … The moment I said, "Tonight daddy's going to prepare grilled chicken for dinner …", my kids jumped with approval.

I think it is a balanced meal … protein from the chicken, 2 servings
of vegetables from the carrots and broccoli, and  some carbohydrate
from the potatoes. Mom would be proud of me … heheheheh … 😀


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  1. Hehehehe…. sempat lagi click-click tuh… :DFOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

  2. Berisman says:

    I don't like cooking but I love to eat:-)Just call me if you have extra foods.

  3. hehehehe … euphy, she probably would, if I took a couple of minutes longer to shoot the pix :PBut she's not around last night to grumble ……

  4. euphoria says:

    haha!!! but mommy would frown seing you play with your food!! click here click there hahahahahha! Nice lookin meal 🙂