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Posted: 5 March, 2007 in Babbles & Rants
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The Slow Loris

All these while I thought this was a Lemur … I was wrong.

I captured this image a few years ago at the Kuala Lumpur Zoo and mistook it as a Lemur. Recently I came across a photo of this critter on the net while browsing, and only then learn that this is a Slow Loris. The Malay name is Kongkang.

The moment I saw this animal on a branch of a tree, it reminded me of King Julian (the Lemur king) in Madagascar, the animated movie. This somehow made me believe this tree creature is a Lemur and told my kids so. I taught my children the wrong thing …. Blahhhh! … Well, at least I got the part where the slow loris belongs in the primate category and a distant cousins to the monkey correct. 😀

Now, to put on some thick make-up to hide my red face, admit my mistake and let my children know the truth … this is not a Lemur … this is a Slow Loris.

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  1. Kalau slow PCs… maka humbanlah ke dalam laut.. huhuhuuu…

  2. Aput says:

    ahahahaha!!!"let's go greet the pansies!"so cute!!

  3. euphoria says:

    heheh… slow loris ek.. not slow keretas or slow basikals…

  4. IG says:

    amazing pic!

  5. Nevermind the pansies!!!I like to move it, move it!! I like to move it, move it!! I like to move it, move it!!You got to… move it!!