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Posted: 1 August, 2007 in Babbles & Rants
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Fine writing instrument … that's what most people associate a fountain pen with. When I was very much younger, during my school days, a fountain pen is a must in my pencil case. My English teacher will only accept work done with a fountain and royal blue ink ( I prefer black actually). She'll allocate an hour of her English language class to concentrate on writing exercise. I cannot remember how many thousand lines of "The big brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" I've written. Sad to say, however, after all those practice, my handwriting is still no better than my family doctor's ……

My favourite pen I use daily now is the Pelikan M215, Tradition series, with the blue striped barrel. It's a good writer, with good wet ink flow to the nib. A joy to use every time. I have a few more fountain pens in my bag …

Sheaffer Prelude
Pelikan Pura
Pelikan Steno
Rotring Freeway
Pilot Unic
Pilot Petit 1
Lamy Safari

And … another Pelikan could be on the way. I've ordered a new Pelikan M200 with marble green barrel. The pen is on sale, to commemorate the country's 50 years of independence. It's 50 precent off the shelf price.

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  1. Berisman: Now is a good time to get the pens. The Parkson Grand Sale is on, and most Pelikans are selling at 20% off.

  2. Berisman says:

    Nazley and Chet,I also love pens.Now, I have a few…Next buy,may be a Pelikan;-)

  3. Chet Chin says:

    Oh man, am I going to Parkson One Utama this evening. Hopefully, they'll have the Monologues there, too.

  4. I didn't know you are into pens …. hehehehI ordered my Pelikan M200 at Parkson KLCC Pelikan counter. I guess you could try and check out the counter at One Utama. After discount, the M200 is going to be at RM127 only … a very good deal for a high quality pen.

  5. Chet Chin says:

    I've written about pens, too, but not as eloquently as you've done here. My preference is for rollerball pens. As for Pelikans, I have a Pelikan Epoch rollerball in sapphire blue. The barrel width and overall weight suit my arthritic fingers.Where did you order the Pelikan M200 from? Parkson at One Utama has a Pelikan counter, so I might go over later to see if they have it.