Fountain Pen Ink … Waterproof Test

Posted: 22 August, 2007 in Babbles & Rants
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I let these 2 images do the talking first ….


After taking a 15 minutes "bath" …..

I can still make out the words made by the Pelikan Brilliant Black, and
maybe a little of the PR Tanzanite. The other 2 colours were almost
completely washed out.

The Hero ink did not wash out much …. I was impressed, and glad with
this discovery (I wanted to get the bulletproof noodlers but the
shipping cost made me use the cheaper inks available here in KL).
Perhaps I don't need the bulletproof Noodler's after all … hehehehe

Yeah right!

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  1. SengMing says:

    Nevertheless your experiment served its purpose, I never knew there were actually inks that were waterproof. BTW, you have wonderful handwriting.

  2. SengMing:The original note that went through the washing machine was pretty crumpled up, but the notes were still readable. The paper I have on this posting is the regular 80gm AA photocopy paper. I soaked the paper in the sink for roughly 15 minutes and let the paper dry before scanning. If it were to go through the same spin cycle, I don't think I'd get a decent "After" scan of the paper :PI can't say this "experiment" is to the scientific standard, but it's just a write … soak … and compare the ink before and after soaking.

  3. SengMing says:

    I'm surprised the paper made it out without much problems too. I still remember the one time I left my passport in the washing machine …