New “Old” Pens: Parker 45 Coronet and Ms. Parker

Posted: 5 September, 2007 in Babbles & Rants
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Daddy dearest handed down to me two of his Parkers he found while doing his Spring (it's almost autumn now ) cleaning. After a 2 day internet search I found out the two Parkers to be …
Parker 45 Coronet (metallic red/burgundy barrel)
Parker 180 or Ms. Parker (Gold plated)
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He, (my dad), remembered the 45 was a gift in 1970. And he received the
Ms. Parker, also as a gift when he was transferred from Kelantan to
Sarawak in 1980.

The dates checked out when I referred to this site These are 2 oldest pen I have, currently.

Both pens were clogged up with dried ink. The Parker 45 was quite easy
to clean. I just unscrew the nib, immerse the nib and the nib section
in the ultrasonic cleaner for a few minutes. A few hours later I was
using the pen already. The pen has been my daily writer for a couple of
days now, filled with Pelikan Brilliant Brown, and I liiiikeee it!!!!

Ms. Parker is giving me a little bit of a problem. I can't remove the
nib so I put the whole nib section in the ultrasonic cleaner. This pen
got the same treatment as the 45 but I can't get the parker 108 to
write as good as the 45. The nib is still good and smooth, just that
the ink skips intermittently … like the ink flow is blocked or
something. Maybe I'll try another cycle of ultrasonic cleaner with a
few drops of dish detergent ….

Some pix …

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  1. Brilliant shots!! 🙂

  2. PIPS Guy says:

    Hehehe, Bubba.. u mmg peminat pen 😉

  3. Aput says:

    such beautiful photos again…sigh…the Coronet looks extremely classy.