A wrong turn …

Posted: 23 November, 2007 in Babbles & Rants
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As I mentioned in the previous post, i was in Penang last weekend. On the way to Kepala Batas, Penang, I took a wrong turn and ended up taking the bridge to Penang Island. I had to cough up RM7.00 for the "scenic" route plus some more additional fuel cost. So as to make the costly mistake worthwhile, I stopped by a restaurant by the waterfront (which was closed, by the way … another bummer) and just had to take this shot.

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  1. Boleh ler sket-sket nak cari makan….;)

  2. Nite … You really know Penang, eh? That's the exact spot, next to a seafood restaurant!

  3. Haaa…. brilliant shot!! My guess would be, this place is by the Jabatan Perikanan/Polis Marin office.

  4. SengMing says:

    Love how you aligned your name perfectly on the board.

  5. Berisman says:

    Good shot!The extra cost was paid in full.