Wet Tuesday Morning

Posted: 7 July, 2008 in Babbles & Rants
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Yesterday's rain carried on till this morning. As usual, my complaint is traffic congestion. A round trip to send my kids to school normally takes half an hour. This morning, it's been 70 minutes and Im still in the car.

At this rate, I'll get home only at 8.30am and have to get ready for work and drive to my office. I'm going to be late today.

You can only plan for the day, but there are lots of external factors that could affect your initial planning.

I'm late. I'm late ……

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  1. Yup … pix taken using my N9500 commie, the only image capturing tool I have at the moment. Since I'm stuck in a traffic jam anyways, i thought I'd post something up 🙂

  2. MHI says:

    ni gambar from 9500?

  3. Berisman says:

    I like the distortion in the photos.
    Btw,on urban drainage system,we do have drains and gulleys, but they do not meet the hydralulic loading.As an engineer,I call for a review of the urban drainage design standard.At the same time we need better engineers and more fund.

  4. The BlueTie says:

    traffic congestion is far better than flash flood which is very common is some places… federal hiway, batu3, jln kebun….
    where is our Sustainable Urban Drainage System? … errrr to the drain 🙂