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Posted: 20 July, 2008 in Babbles & Rants

My Kids and I spend the weekend at a local community hall. The kids participated in a Taekwondo championship organized by our Local Council, Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya, MPAJ.

Syafiq, my second boy, was eliminated in the quarterfinals and came back home empty handed. His elder brother, Syafie, on the other hand, sailed through to the finals but lost in the final match. It was a close fight, but I think Syafie could have clinched the Gold medal if had tried just a little bit harder.

One thing I learned, and hopefully my kids too, that in a competition like this there're going to be losers. What's important is that he tried his best. With that in mind, I am content with the silver medal Syafie brought home. I bet he wanted to win as bad as I did … perhaps more … It is important to win but it's important to be a good loser as well, isn't it?

Here are some shots of the kids in action.

I've been a supporter of this sport since both my children became active in Taekwondo. I covered the events officially when requested. This week, I took photos a parent giving support to his boys.

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  1. razali says:

    From the photos, Syafie got the techniques, may be he tried too hard and lost because of that.. patience is a high virtue in this sport.. waiting for the right time to unleash your weapon..

  2. MHI says:

    rasa macam typepad plak vox ni..

  3. Berisman says:

    My congratulations to shafie!Oh boy,I love that flying kick.