Fun With Photoshop … (and with my kids)

Posted: 4 December, 2008 in Babbles & Rants
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My son, Syafie came across this youtube photoshop tutorial on how to create a Star Wars Light Sabre effect on photos. The how to do it tutorial caught my attention … hey! that’s easy enough to do.

The kids quickly got out a couple of flashlights and started to pose, asking me to snap a few pics and do up the make pretend Light Sabres as if they were real in the photographs. I obliged since I was excited to try out the tutorial myself.

Here are a few photos that had undergone the photoshop treatment.

lightsabre01 (Small).jpg

lightsabre03 (Small).jpg

lightsabre02 (Small).jpg

This give me an idea … maybe I should put the kids in full StarWars costumes and do some more serious photoshoot.

That’s a someday/maybe in my list.

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