Animal fat to Lube Our Engines

Posted: 6 December, 2008 in Babbles & Rants

Lately bio diesel seems to be discussed a lot as an alternative to petroleum based fuel, both as a cleaner fuel alternative and one solution to reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuels. Now, another alternative to protect our vehicle engines. Engine oil from cow fat? That’s something to think about. Autoblog highlighted the G-Oil recently.

I wonder if prices for beef and other meats will increase or fall. Will the livestock industry grow larger just to get fat to replace petroleum lubricant. If that is so, the world supply of meat would go up, and, now, with the population being more health conscious, people is consuming less meat. There’d be an oversupply of meat and meat products. Simple economics says as demand falls and supply rises, prices would definetely fall. What do you think?

I see a different view to this new “green” alternative. How green is this going to be? I view, cow farming (for meat and fat) as having a large carbon footprint. Imagine the transport of the cows (or any other lifestock for that matter, I use cows just for example) to be slaughtered for meat. Then the “beef” has to go through another process of seperating the fat from the meat. The fat collected can’t be used straight away, it still need to be further processed and refined to be used as lubricant. These processes would definitely use additional fuel and power …. most probably electricity produced by fossil fuel burning powerplants.

One more thing, the droppings from the livestock contributes to higher methane released to the atmosphere, a greenhouse gas alongside CO2.

So, a “green” alternative might not be so green after all.

If this were to work, I think, we need to only make use of the fat from the animals we rare enough for food. Just use the unwanted byproducts from the industry to create petroleum free products. Use the unhealthy fat for engine oil, and we consume the lean meats. This way we are not expanding the carbon footprint from the livestock farming industry, we get to use the fat to lubricate our engines … and we get to eat healthier, leaner meats.

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