Spendid … It’s not.

Posted: 9 December, 2008 in Food & Cooking
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There was this new shopping mall that just opened last weekend, and I thought I’d go out tonight with my parents and my eldest son to get something to eat for dinner. The place is full of people, like me wanting to see a new mall and also “hunting” for dinner.

I spotted something that quickly grabbed my attention … the word “discount”. Here’s the bunting or banner, advertising the food at the newly opened Splendid Cafe.


Chicken Chop for only RM8.90 and Fish & Chips at RM7.90 is an offer hard for me to resist. I was excited (and my family as well) to try it out and immediately went in to get a table.

The first impression I got wasn’t very great … the greeting I got was something in the line like “Hi, you can get the table back there sir …”. The cafe was quite full so, assuming the waitress was very busy, I helped myself to a table and a different waiter presented us with the menu. We spent five minutes choosing the menu and made our order. Chicken Chop for my dad and I, Fish And Chips for my son and my mom. Also, I ordered a serving of Oxtail Soup to share amongst the four of us.

The service was fast, that I have to mention. the first plate arrived in about 10 minutes and the rest came minutes later. Everything was served within 15 minutes, but the serving of food was done quite carelessly. There were sounds of plates banging together. Yeah! I admit this is no fine dining restaurant but at least be a little courteous while serving … one plate of Chicken Chop almost fell onto the table with a bang.

The Oxtail soup came as I was about to dig into my chicken. The waiter just placed the dish on the table and did not say a word. It didn’t look like anything I ordered, so I asked the waiter what is that, and who ordered that … the reply was ” That’s the Oxtail Soup you ordered, Sir”… or something like that.

What? …. Okay, this was what that was served in front of me, the plate (or is it a bowl) was a mess with the soup smearing on the edges of the plate.


Compare that to the photo presented on the Cafe’s Menu ….


It’s totally different. I even did not recognise what was served to me.

I finished my meal half heartedly, not being able to enjoy the food at all, because of my over expectation of the food and service there. The food isn’t that horrible but it’s nothing to shout out either. So, I quickly finished the oxtail soup, paid the bill and all of us left.

The was no satisfaction of eating at all … so, I went and bought a foot long ‘subway’ to take home and satisfy my taste bud.

Splendid …. Naaaahhhhhh!!!!!

  1. nazley@bubba says:

    Yup … Secret Recipe wannabe.

  2. Siti says:

    i tot it should a copy cat of secret recipe???