Watch Your Money – Watch The Cash Register

Posted: 13 December, 2008 in Babbles & Rants
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I was at the supermarket tonight for my groceries shopping and things didn’t go too well.

I bought a box of 12, 1-litre carton UHT full cream milk and as I watched the cashier scanned all my purchases, I noticed the amount scanned is totally different from the price tag I saw at the display shelf. A one-litre carton of Dutch Lady Full Cream UHT milk is RM4.39 and a box of 12 cartons was labled as RM46.00. The last time I bought the milk it was RM44.00 for a box, so, there was a RM2.00 price jump. The price of everythig else had gone up, so, I was not surprised at the price hike.

However, to my surprise, when the cashier scanned the box of milk, RM55.70 popped on the cash register display. I told the cashier that the price tag was RM46.00 at the shelf and she called the store manager to confirm the price.

The queue at the counter was long and the other customers were restless but I thought I was doing the right thing exercising my right as a consumer. After a long wait, a lady (the floor manager I presume) came along and confirmed to the cashier that the price scanned was correct, RM55.70. I was quite sure I read the price tag correctly, so, I went to the shelf again and to my surprise the price label was gone, removed. Frankly, I was shocked and a little upset. Why the price tag was removed? At least I can check if I was wrong.


Oh! well, I can’t do anything, can I? The only evidence was the price tag which was not there anymore, and my memory. RM9.00 is not worth the trouble arguing at the cashier, and, I could be wrong, anyway. I let it go, and paid my bill. After all, I am already holding up at least 4 customers at the counter and I feel it was unfair for them to wait longer if the error was entirely mine.

After settling the bill, I double checked the receipt. In my mind RM4.39 times 12 doesn’t come to RM55.70 as printed on the bill. A quick math … 12 x RM4.39 = RM52.68.

I was still overcharged!


Since I have already paid my bill, I went to the customer service counter to complain. The answer I got from the person in charge behind the counter was really unacceptable.

“Excuse me sir, it’s cheaper to buy loose packs here than buying bulk in boxes …”

What s**t? That was the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard eversince I’ve been buying groceries for myself, and that’s a very long time. It’s more expensive to buy bulk? Utter nonsense.

My patience was getting thin and I told the service counter that first they had magically made the price tag at the milk shelf disappear and now the store is charging the customers more than the priced displayed. My voice had increased from medium to high. The person who handled the complaint, in the end gave in, and refunded the RM3.00 difference (note the amount altered on the receipt).

I was satisfied with that. I got my RM3.00 and I think I rightfully exercise my right as a consumer.

The lesson here. Always check the price tag and keep a close eye on the items being scanned. Errors like that, could put you at the losing end.


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