Sony’s Touch Screen Walkman

Posted: 14 December, 2008 in Gadgets & Toys, Tech & The Net
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Sony started the mobile music craze when it introduced the Walkman cassette player  many years ago. Now, the digital age catches up and the cassette is all history. For portable music,  MP3 is currently the in thing and Sony, slow to catch on to the market needs got left behind. Apple, on the other hand, took this opportunity and is now selling the iPods in millions. 

Sony now tries a come back with its new touch screen Walkman:


It’s going to be announced at CES 2009 this coming January. Some of the expected specification is a 3.3inch OLED touch screen display and would come in 16GB and 32GM models. WiFi support is also a possibility.

via Engadget.


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