Psion Claims Ownership Of “Netbook”

Posted: 27 December, 2008 in Tech & The Net

I had a feeling this was coming.

I used a Psion Netbook years ago. Heck, I have two of them. They’re still working, by the way,  just that the battery had died and they only runs when plugged to the power socket. The Psion Netbooks was not much different, size wise, compared to my Asus EeePC netbook. In my mind, initially, I questioned why the industry named the new sub notebook, a netbook anyways. In time, calling my EeePC a netbook, became comfortable second nature.


I don’t see the the harm of using the name netbook as a generic name referring to such computer. But that’s just me. Psion Teklogix is not making any new “Netbook”, anyway. And, they quit the consumer electronics/PDA market long ago.

I guess they have the right to claim the name to themselves …. also to get some money during these difficult times, perhaps.

via Gizmodo


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