Phishing Scams in Plain English

Posted: 31 December, 2008 in Tech & The Net

I am a fan of CommonCraft‘s explanation video. Lee Lefever does a good job of explaining tecnical stuffs “in plain English”.

Here’s one that I found, on Phishing Scams.

I think this easy enough to understand. I’m going to show this to my wife and try to educate her to trust all emails. So far, she is smart enough not to open any attachments she’s not expecting. An email attachment could very well come from a sender she knows, but that doesn’t mean the email itself is legitimate.

I, personally just click [DELETE] whenever I receive emails with attachments, unless I was told before hand that the email and the attachments was on the way. I won’t lie, I’ve lost a few important atachments before, so, I made it clear to my collegues, superiors, freinds, family … to everyone that I would not open any attachments that I don’t expect to receive. A simple text message, “I sent email abt ***, with 2 attachments.” and I know the attachment coming is legit.

Back to my wife. She thinks I am not a good teacher and I have no patience helping her out. She might be right, I might be expecting too much of  her. I am sure the above video will be of great help.


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