Swivelling Power Adapter/Extension

Posted: 7 January, 2009 in Babbles & Rants, Gadgets & Toys

I like this. Most of my power plugs are double pronged, and this might work for me. A single power socket can power up 6 of my “gadget” chargers … Palm T3, Nokia 9500 commie, LG Chocolate mobile, Bluetooth headset, AA NiMH battery charger, Kodak DX6490 digicam ….  yup! that’s six.

It has a built in surge protector to boot.


The price at $20 (around RM70-RM80) is reasonably, not much different from the China made extension cords with built in surge protector i’m using now.

Where can I get this in KL?



via Gizmodo

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