More Rumours on Palm’s WebOS

Posted: 12 January, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

palm-pre-qwerty-po-2First, the pricing. USD399 with a contractas reported by MobileCrunch. That’s not competitive enough for the Americans, I think, since most are comparing the Pre with the iPhone 3G (USD199 8GB iPhone with contract). When it reached Malaysian shores, supposed it could be in the RM3000 range like most of the high end smartphones here.

Perhaps, the reason for such a pricing is because of another rumour.

Palm might have another WebOS device in the works, a stripped down version of the Palm Pre. PalmInfocenter reported of a possible Centro 2, running webOS. Could Palm’s marketing strategy.

But then, rumours are rumours, that’s all. It’s good to know what might come but not worth my while putting too much hope (and confidence)  on those unconfirmed stories.


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