The Need To Get To School

Posted: 13 January, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

Watch the video first …

A six year old driving? I hope I talked enough senses to my kids not to do such a thing. If you are late for school, for goodness sake, wake up your mom. Or wake me up if your mum refuse to budge from the comfy bed!

Two things I pointed out to my kids by showing this youtube clip.

(1) Don’t do stupid things like that. Video games put messages in your mind that you could do something you should not. 

(2) If you are late for school, wake me up. If you are scared to go, I’d gladly accompany my kids to school and explain to the teachers that the tardiness was my fault.

And, a lesson to me and my wife …

(1) not to be so careless to place tha car keys where it’s accessible to the kids.

(2) Put the kids before self. Wake up early for the kids, prepare breakfast for them, have breakfast with them. A way to let them know that we are always there for them. 

I guess, the authorities are trying to set a good example to the community by charging the kid’s parents for child negligence. I can’t imagine how a mother (or father) could let their children wake up and prepare for school for themselves.


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