Latest Garmin Mobile XT Installed on My E71

Posted: 17 January, 2009 in Gadgets & Toys, Tech & The Net
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When I got my E71 a couple of weeks ago, one of the first thing that I installed was Garmin Mobile XT. I don’t want to use the preinstalled Nokia GPS and Maps because everytime I launched Nokia GPS, I had to make a wireless connection. I do not subscribe to a buffet, all-u-can-use data plan, so using Nokia maps for navigation is very expensive. Hence, GarminXT a solution of choice.

Two weeks ago, I installed an outdated version of GMobileXT and it worked fine, really, but I decided to install the latest version on my E71 last night. I thought I knew what I was doing … boy, it was a long night.

I downloaded the update and installed as per directed but I could not get GmobileXT to run on the phone. I panicked, I reinstalled the software, reset the phone and it still did not work. I was sleepy and at almost 1 a.m. I decided to uninstall the app using the Applications Manager and delete all files and folders relating to Garmin.

Then, did a fresh install.

Twenty minuts later, it worked! What a relief. I thought I scewed up the whole memory card since GMobileXT needs to be installed on the card, and depends on the card’s unique ID to run. Phewww!!!

Moral of the story, do not work when sleepy or tired. Get a good rest and you’d probably find the solution to easier.

  1. Taylor says:

    Hello Everyone!

    So recently I set-up the Garmin GPS for my E71 and it seems to work great. Only problem is that I dont seem to have North American maps. I live in Canada, so id mainly need a Canadian map, but a US one would be great too. How do I go about getting them? And can someone reply with an actual link? That would be awesome!



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  3. fei says:


    When installing on my E71, I got this message : Unable to complete installation from memory card. To complete installation, go to application manager.

    When I try to run it from Application Manager, it tells me ‘Unable to install’

    Anybody has any idea? My Software installation has been set to “All” while my online certificate check has been set to “Off”.

  4. Glenn says:

    I have managed to download the basemaps into my device and I can see the maps now. However when I want to search by address or food, hotels etc I was prompted “Detailed maps are required for this feature……”

    I have followed the instructions in this viewtopic.php?p=161908#p161908 But I am not sure what went wrong.

    These are the files I have in my Garmin folder now.


    Is it ok for me to have 2 img files? One is the basemap and the other is the downloaded from viewtopic.php?p=161908#p161908

    I need to see the detailed maps in order to navigate…. please help….. thanks.

    • Pablo says:

      Dude! You need has this order:

      gmapbmap.img (stock map, but do not delete)
      gmapsupp.img (first map)
      gmapprom.img (second map)

      Just rename your maps and be sure than the “*.UNL” files has the same name that it respective map, and thats all!

      Enjoy! 😉

  5. john wo says:

    hi..I just install garmin XT on my E71. follow the step from :

    having no problem as well and its really work on my phone..

  6. Glenn says:

    You can email me or msn at if possible.


  7. Glenn says:


    I have downloaded Garmin on my Nokia E71 too. It is working but however I can’t see any maps. I have tried many ways as mentioned in but I still can’t see it.

    Please help me. Thanks.

  8. Lucas says:

    For those who are having problems, you can check out this site for step by step instructions:

  9. Nadine says:

    I’ve successfully installed GarminMobileTX on my e71, but I can’t open the application. Plus, I can’t view my files in my memory card anymore. Other applications & games installed in the memory card also missing.

  10. fei says:


    Tried to setup Garmin on my E71.

    Got the message ‘Unable to complete installation from the memory card. To install, please proceed to Application Manager”. Have tried running from App Manager. It also prompts “Unable to install”. Anybody has any idea?

  11. PaulK says:

    Hi, I have successfully installed Garmin XT on my E71 but the colours appear corrupt. What have i done wrong?

  12. ahmad says:

    i bought my e71 and installed garmin into it, the software did operating well. but since i had to change my phone board and i cant use my garmin anymore..can anyone help me?

  13. E71 says:

    i already installed map for my garmin..
    but y it still show me “Detailed map required for this feature” when i wanna search for a location?

  14. wogdog says:

    can someone tell if my phone and SD will screw up if i install the Garmin Mobile XT on my samsung s8300T (ultra touch)
    reply asap

  15. aliff says:

    install the the software on my phone.try to lunch the sorfware but nothing happen?anybody have any clue?

  16. totbox says:

    hi everybody here,

    So happy that see all of u here to share urs experience bout garmin installation. i just own a nokia e71, but im totally new on this hi-tech phone technology and i wanted to try garmin too, but after i download the link above this webpage, and save those file into my nokia e71 memory card and try to launch the installation, my phone seems like not able to read those .exe file? what can i do? pls pls help, anybody? who love ur lovely e71 like me? thanks!

  17. Mandeep Kwatra says:


    Can some one please send me the base installation file for Garmin I have tried installing the 50020 file on my phone and it just aborts after nearing completion so say aborts after 90% install.. iam getting frustrated with this particular installation. Can someone help..

  18. Rick says:

    Every phone card ID etc is different everytime u install it. it is very simple.

    I am using the latest 5.0 version downloaded and also have 4.0 ver. Its prehacked and comes with keygen but like i said u need to do it all begin coz every fone will needs its own ID serial base of ur fone. Just like any pc when u install a software it as for ur pc id so it can create a serial for u etc.

    Well I can upload the working 4 and 5 version but u must follow the steps on the txt. I will no long explain this as it took me about 2 hrs to get it going right. First try too.

    • pg59724 says:

      Rick, how do you retrieve the card id? In the instructions, it just says to to tools>settings>about however, I can’t seem to follow this trail. Please advise. Thanks!

  19. Brian says:

    Hi i need help on Official Garmin compiled Malsingmaps Malaysia / Singapore / Brunei i try to download from other source its unable to download. if there is any direct link to download pls post. I’ll appreciate that, thank you.

  20. Sonix_Ex says:

    Can anyone pls help to give 8-digit serial, crack s/ware, key gen or what ever la…i try to purchase but still can’t….huhuhuhu…

  21. yusz says:

    installed gmxt ver.5..
    just need the 8 character product key..where to find?

  22. Brad says:

    Hi there could you please inform me how you got garmin xt to instal relay want / need this on my phone 🙂

  23. Umer says:

    Pls. inform me the complete tutorial/steps to install garmin on my E71.

  24. charcha says:

    balck samurai,
    can u give me the link from where u downloaded the application!!

  25. charcha says:

    u should connect ur phone in data transfer mode not PC suite mode when u connect using ur cable the phone to ur pc
    choose data transfer mode, it works!!

  26. BlackSamurai says:

    Hi Nazley,

    Need your advice here. I’ve tried many times, but my setup failed when I try to install the support file, because GARMIN XT Support file installation can’t detect my E71 nor memory card, the location list is just blank and it pop up a message ”

    A supported install location was not found. Please make sure to complete the following steps:

    1.) Turn on and connect your mobile device or card reader to your computer
    2.) Insert your storage card into the mobile device or card reader.
    3.) Make sure you have installed the PC synchronization software that came with your mobile device.
    4.) Click “Refresh List”.

    Do you have any idea what’s the message above mention? I hope I didn’t turn on some advance feature (I did turn on and turn off the encryption function for memory card once) and block the installation.

    PS: I tried google it, but no luck

    • BlackSamurai says:

      i got it, i need to pull out the micro SD and insert into my notebook in order to begin the installation

  27. charcha says:

    guys can u plz post a valid link to download the garmin mobile XT latest version that works with integrated GPS because the one i downloaded is either not installing well or damaged!

    thx a lot

  28. jose says:

    I have installed the garmin in my phone but it ask me for the serial number. Has enybody that serie number?

    • nazley says:


      GarminXT is a commercial software and the serial is obtained when you purchase the software. The serial number is unique to your phone IMEI no. and the memory card ID. I suggest a search on the internet might solve your issue.

  29. Jose says:

    Dear irfan
    how do you do to install Garmin mobil xt en your E71?
    I have no idea. Thanks

  30. Jose says:

    I have Nokia E71 and i want to installe the garmin mobile xt because i have read it works well. I do not know how to installe it in nokia . Please,there is anybody that can help me.

  31. fendi says:

    hai, i’ve already install the serial number id of garmin and its can be used perfectly with my e71… tq…

    • Jose says:

      i have already installed the garmin mobile xt in my Nokia E71 but it ask me the seriak number. Have you got this serial number?

  32. yoyo143 says:


  33. yoyo143 says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i laik ???

  34. nazley says:

    To quote arjamal …

    “… anyone can use Garmin XT with external GPS unit. To use it with the integrated GPS, you need to have serial that comes with the purchase of Garmin XT.”

  35. FENDI says:

    saya dah cube download dan install dlm e71 tp masih tak dapat gune akan garmin, ia seakan tak digunakan dgn sempurna walaupu sy dah install…

  36. nazley says:

    Battery usage with navigation is pretty good, to me at least. My experience, 2 hours of GPS navigation eat up 2 notch on the power indicator. If you intend to make phonecalls later, I wont use the GPS for more than 2-3 hours.

  37. wonderkid says:

    I want to know about Battery Lift after E71 install Garmin Mobile XT Version 5.00.20.

  38. nazley says:

    hello there,

    Funny, I don’t get that message when i turned on wifi/gprs, but I get that same message after disconnecting the PCsuite usb cable. Sorry can’t be of much help to your problem.

    Try switching off A-GPS and Network assist and use the internal GPSr only. It’s possible GMXT detect data connection and assume you need the A-GPS started.

  39. Irfan says:

    I have installed Garmin Mobile XT on my E71. It work just fine. Except, everytime I connect wifi or gprs, it keep popping message like “Garmin Mobile XT Detected. Launched now?” It’s just annoy me. Do you know how can I turn off this Auto Connect? I would like to connect Garmin manually.



  40. arjamal says:

    Yes, anyone can use Garmin XT with external GPS unit. To use it with the integrated GPS, you need to have serial that comes with the purchase of Garmin XT.

  41. nazley says:


    Garmin Mobile XT is a commercial application. You can install it for free (I think) but you need to use an external Garmin Bluetooth GPS Receiver. After you installed GMobileXT, the app tries to locate the Garmin receiver and since you don’t have one, that is why it gave you the “Device not found” message.

    Do a little googling and you might find a way for the app to use the E71 internal GPS.

    Good luck.

  42. Ghulam says:

    When I installed Garmin Mobile XT on my E71 after installation it is asking GPS Device did not find. Where as Nokia E71 is having GPS device?

    Any help on this please.