Apple Not Playing Nice

Posted: 22 January, 2009 in Gadgets & Toys, Tech & The Net
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Here’s what the ‘acting’ Apple boss, Tim Cook, had to say about the competition with iPhone … [from Engadget]

palm-pre-qwerty-po-3Q: “There are other iPhone competitors coming to the market: Android, Palm Pre. How do you think about sustaining leadership in the face of these competitors?”

A: “It’s difficult to compare to products that are not yet in the market. iPhone has seen terrific rating from customers. Software is the key ingredient, and we believe that we are years ahead of our competitors. Having different screen sizes, different input methods, and different hardware makes things difficult for developers. We view iPhone as primarily a software platform, which is different from our competitors. We don’t mind competition, but if others rip off our intellectual property, we will go after them.”

then …

Q: “The Palm device seems to directly emulate the iPhone’s innovative interface. Is that what you’re referring to?”

A: “We don’t want to refer to any specific companies, so that was a general statement. We like competition because it makes us better, but we will not stand for companies infringing on our IP.”

What do you think?

I think Apple is not playing nice … yeah, Cook said competition make then (Apple) better, but then stresses about going after those infringing its intellectual property.

Hmmm … contradicting statements,  isn’t it?

Here’s my take.

Apple is feeling some pressure with the announcement of the Palm Pre. The iPhone ‘was’ a one of a kind phone that captured the heart of many of its users but now, the iPhone has serious competition. Cook did not mention Palm directly but, reading between the lines, that’s what most people would think after reading the statement. I guess, if Cook, or Apple, is true to their words, then, they’d take this opportunity to change or improve on the iPhone. Apple might have a patent to the “multi touch interface” but I find it counter productive if this were to be enforced strictly. If the entre code to the operating system is ripped off, there could be a valid issue to take action on, legally. But, what if, based on the concept, another company designed a different way to achieve a similar outcome? Perhaps, a better way. I’d say it’s innovation. Innovation is not a new invention, but a way to make use of current inventions to work better.

The main issue I see here is about money. Innovation and being productive has nothing to do with this. Apple, as a company, has the right to protect it’s income, but at what price? I believe, putting a block on innovation and improvement in technology will only keep us back, slow down our progress.

I wonder, if Colonel Sanders patented the pressure frying chicken, would KFC take legal action on all the families that fried chicken the same way at their homes. If the Colonel did, the only way people could enjoy a fried chicken would be at a KFC outlet … that’s wouldn’t be nice.

So, let’s all play nice.

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