Finally, My E71 and My PC Playing Together

Posted: 29 January, 2009 in Babbles & Rants, Gadgets & Toys, Tech & The Net
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I was a little jelous to see Abedib’s E71 merrily synching with Outlook on his notebook. I had my E71 a couple of weeks earlier but still nad not get it to sync … well, untill last night.

I can sync via PC suite at my office but not at home, so I thought something is blocking the connection. After the nasi padang dinner which was super delicious by the way (thanks Abedib), and while soaking my ankle in cold icy water (thanks to Dr. Azmi’s advice, the swelling subsided and I can sleep very well last night), an idea came to troubleshoot the connectivity problem by using another form of connection, BLUETOOTH.

I switched both bluetooth, on my desktop PC and my E71, paired them and click the sync icon …There was a beep and it worked!!!

At that point in time I could very well be the happiest man on the world. I was trying to make the PC to E71 connection for three weeks and it worked. The solution was just in front of me and I could only think of that after three weeks.

I touched my face and could feel the smile all the way till the end of the sync. Yayyy … Success!

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