A Week of Commute

Posted: 31 January, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

Last week I decided to reset the Garmin Mobile XT data and would like to see just how much driving I do in one week.
Well, today marks the end of the one week period and the data is as shown above. I spent almost 14 hours a week in my car. Gosh, that long? And out of the 14 hours, 4 hours is stuck in traffic.
My goodness, how much time is wasted on the road. The daily commute to work is one thing, but the 4 hours of idling on the road, stuck in traffic … That’s a lot of time wasted. A lot could be done in that amount of time.
I think I should transfer some good productivity related podcast onto CDs and listen to them in my car while I’m stuck in traffic. At least the time doesn’t go by just like that ….

  1. Pak Adib says:

    14 hrs on the road!
    That is about 2 working days.I must check mine.