Family Weekend

Posted: 15 February, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

After having to work last weekend, I have a great day today. I spent my morning playing Monopoly with the kids. It was a fun five hours. By the looks on their faces, I think they enjoyed the game as well. I lost, the first player to run out of cash … But at the same time I won.
I won the kids’ heart. Moments like this is precious and I can only record this in only in memory, and a limited way, in writings I jot down in my journal (also this blog). No camera can capture that moment. As soon as the kids see a camera, the moment is gone. The sincerity in their smiles and laughs are replaced with just a pose for the camera … It’s just not the same.
I still have the whole afternoon. So I’ll take the opportunity to use them up having as much fun with the family.

  1. Abedib says:

    Enjoy the moments….then when they grow up like my kids,they have very little time to be with their dad…

    I had mine,now it is yours:-)