Toll increases from March 1 for five highways

Posted: 26 February, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

Arrgghhh … and this is announced when everyone is in “ikat perut” mode.


Perhaps by agreement, the highway concessionaires could request or demand an increase in toll rates, but I think doing this at this time … during this hard times … might backfire.

Everyone will want to save whatever little they have, individuals as well as businesses, and the one way they can do that would not to take the toll highways. There will be less people taking the highway, the HIGHWAYMEN (remember Dick Turpin … well, that’s what they are … taking money from people using the roads), would record a lower toll colection.

In one years time, the Highwayman, would report to the government, that collection is low … expenses is higher … bla, bla, bla … and request for another increase in toll rates. The cycle continues.

Now, indirectly, productivity and efficeincy will be degraded as well. People would use the longer route. Lorries and transports can’t get the three or four trips per day delivering goods. Using the congested, and sometimes longer distance state roads, the efficiency of supplies delivery system is jeopardised.

Inefficient delivery system could cause retailers to increase inventory to avoid shortage, which translates to higher inventory costs that would be transferred to the consumers. Marketing people spend more time on the road than really meeting people and selling their ideas … you get my drift.

It could slow down the already slow economy.

These highway concessionaires should understand that when they decided to take up a project, they have a social obligation to the people. It’s not about huge profits but providing Malaysian with the necessary infrastructure for a better mode of transport and transportation. It’s a business … yes … but in this line of business, I don’t believe, the companies should burden the people just for profit.In hard times like this, It’s their time to assist the people and the government to stimulate the economy.

I’ll be driving up to Sitiawan, Perak to visit my parents next weekend. And my answer to this is to use the toll free Klang – Kuala Selangor – Hutan Melintang – Teluk Intan State road. I’ll be saving at least RM36.00 on toll charges for the return trip, and that already covers my fuel cost one way!




Clipping from The Star Online.

Toll increases from March 1 for five highways

KUALA LUMPUR: The toll rates for five highways will be increased from March 1, Works Minister Datuk Mohamad Zin Mohamed said on Thursday.

The highways, where road users have to pay more to use, are North-South Expressway Plus, Sprint, Ampang Elevated Highway, Sg Besi Highway, and New Pantai Expressway.

StarBiz had reported Thursday that the Government was expected to make a decision on road toll rates soon, possibly before the end of the week, as it owes compensation to the highway concessionaires for at least two months and more will be owed without a decision.

“Three groups owned highways with toll rates that were overdue for increases, according to their concession agreements.

“These concession owners are PLUS Expressways Bhd, IJM Corp Bhd and Lingkaran Trans Kota Holdings Bhd Litrak. While they own a number of tolled highways, several were due, or already overdue, for toll increases on Jan 1.

“These involved the North-South Expressway, New Klang Valley Expressway and Federal Highway Route 2 under PLUS, New Pantai Expressway NPE and Sungai Besi Highway under IJM group, and Damansara Link and Kerinchi Link that are stretches of the Sprint highway of Litrak,” wrote C.S. Tan.

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