Toll Increase Deferred

Posted: 27 February, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

A good news to receive today … Toll increase to be deferred to the end of the year.

PUTRAJAYA: The proposed toll increase for five highways effective Sunday has been put off till the end of the year.

Works Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed said the decision was reached at the Cabinet meeting on Friday following negative public reaction over the hike and the current economic situation.

There must be very strong objection to the increase, otherwise the government would not announce it one day and retract the decision the very next day

… Or …

It’s just a publicity stunt. You know, trying to show that someone there in Putrajaya cares about the rakyat …

Politically, there are two (2) by-elections (three counting the one in Sarawak) coming real soon and the current government would like to recapture the constituents they lost in the general election last year. And … what better way to show the people that the ruling government is a “caring government”

… can you see the possible link!

If the decision to defer the toll incease was made considering the plight of the raykat, than thank you. However, if it’s otherwise, I feel that it’s a dirty trick to pull … to mess with peoples’ minds.

Ahhh … that’s politics.

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