Cold Pizza Anyone?

Posted: 1 March, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

I sure don’t like my pizza cold … but I was delivered a few boxes of pizza that way.

It was a chore free Sunday for me so for dinner, I did not cook for a change and decided to call for pizza. And that’s what I did, at  roughly quarter past six, this evening.


Here’s the order confirmation slip …


The order process was done very smoothly online via , and I patiently waited for the pizza which was promised to be delivered in 30 minutes in the order screen (unfortunately, I did not have a screenshot of the order screen).

Forty minutes passed and the kids were getting restless, asking me when the pizza’s coming. A few moments later, someone from Pizza Hut called saying that the pizza wold be a little late because of traffic. TRAFFIC??? … I thought these pizza delivery riders are “Mat Rempits” on a payroll delivering pizzas. Traffic jam issue was not really acceptable to me but I waited on.

Sixty minutes passed. Still no pizza. I was on the phone talking to a pizza hut customer service representative when the rider called saying that he could not find my apartment.

What!!! …

This is not the first time I’m ordering from the company, but this is the first time a delivery rider could not find my home. I read him (the pizza delivery guy) my address and he said he’ll search for the address. He did find my apartment eventually, about 15 minutes later, I took delivery of the pizzas and paid him. Frustrated, I made a remark saying that this is the longest time I had to wait for a pizza to be delivered, 1 hour 20 minutes. This delivery guy had the nerve to reply … “Abang yang salah bagi alamat” (You  gave the wrong address) … come on!!!

I have ordered before and all deliveries were made to me without the delivery rider getting lost. You are late. yes ok, but don’t tell me it’s my fault!

I checked the receipt, indeed the address was not complete, the delivery guy was not totally wrong, but what happened to my address information. I had not changed anything before this. Somehow, the name of the apartment complex was chopped off from my address.

I do not have control over pizza hut customer database. SO DON”T BLAME ME!!!

Someone screwed up and I and the kids had to eat cold pizza tonight.

You think I am pissed? …. you bet’cha.


Officially lodge a report via Pizza Hut Malaysia website.

  1. kapriski says:

    I thought Pizzas arrive cold only in Moscow… i am sorry for you and the kids.