Oh … What A Thursday

Posted: 26 March, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

It’s a beautiful day today …
For me …
– The refrigerator still not cold despite coughing up RM430 for the repairs yesterday.
– The telephone service is still out, supposedly due to cable problem.
– Cable down means my internet is offline.
– My peak flow meter reading barely reads 450 meaning my asthma is pretty bad.
– Breathing through the mouth (more like panting) gives me ‘wind’ problem. My tummy feels bloated and looks like I an 24 months pregnant.
– And to top things up, my blood pressure is 160/105. Don’t feel like walking or standing much. I’ll be in the horizontal position most of the time today. Well … Maybe much of this morning.
Hopefully the rest of the world is enjoying their day of have a better Thursday than I.

  1. hilmi says:

    heyy!! thursday was good!… sorry to hear u didn’t enjoy your thursday..