After A Long Hiatus

Posted: 19 May, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

My second week into my new office … And I am still inundated with work. Good thing is, the work load is under control, just that I find very little time to update this whateverlah sorta blog.

Now that allows to email posts directly to a blog via email, I’ll try to find the little time I have to babble a few words here.

Firstly in this post I’d like to say something about the cctv in my office. I can have a peek of what happens at work from home via the web bit I can’t do it from my phone. The software just doesn’t like this phone, the Nokia E71. My cousins has no problems with their Nokia N96 and E90. I suppose this has to do with the unusual landscape orientation of the E71. It’s not that I can’t view the camera images at all, I just cannot view all 7 cameras at the same time. The screen just won’t display the image/video grid. I can view the videos one camera at a time though. I have to live with the phone limitation, I guess.

Secondly, I’ll be working again this weekend. I got a call to cover a Karate event on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t feel so bad to be away from home this weekend because last Sunday was a great family day. Everybody was at my home, my parents, my brother and his family,also my younger sister. We had a good time over lunch right through aftenoon tea, about 5:30pm. It was a happy weekend.


  1. mhi says:

    fuh! lawa betul opis baru. kena singgah jugak ni.. 😉