Free Quickoffice Upgrade for E71 users.

Posted: 18 June, 2009 in Babbles & Rants
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Got news from the the nokia e71 blog that E71 uses can update the quickoffice that comes with the E71 to a newer version 6 of the application.

The process is pretty straight forward. Launch Quickoffice on the phone. Select upgrades and downloads from the menu and the software will connect to the internet to check for the update. Once connected to the Quickoffice server, you can download it straight to the phone or via email. I recommend getting it via email, in which case you’d have the copy of the .sis installer if you need to do a reinstall next time.

Intall the new quickoffice using PCsuite and the system recognized there’s a quicksheet already install and prompted that the phone will need a restart after the installation.

The first time you launch Quickoffice after the update, a registration page pops up. Just key in your email address … ad you are done. Quickoffice premier 6.0 on the E71, FREE!

  1. paul says:

    i cant upgrade. it says i “unable to connect to internet” even though theres wifi. i surf the web with my phone but i cant upgrade. whats wrong?

  2. mell bryan remiendo says:

    i wnt to upgr8 my quick office in nokiae71.. but how i can make it?

  3. Henry Gonzalez says:

    I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THIS SOFTWARE, by my email. if this is posible.