Morning Coffee Ritual

Posted: 27 June, 2009 in Babbles & Rants, Food & Cooking

I’m a coffee drinker … I’m not saying I’a a coffee addict, but I drink and love coffee.

I usually make coffee using a French Press, which make qiute good latte by the way. A couple of weeks back, I got a new toy, a Bialetti Moka Pot. I wanted to try out a different way of preparing coffee, that’s why I decided to purchase one. I read on the Net that a Moka Pot produces esspresso like coffee. After making coffee using the moka pot myself, personally I’d say it’s close … but not quite an esspresso.

Here’s a pictorial story of my morning ritual with the Moka Pot …

(1) Fill in the bottom compartment of the Moka Pot with filtered water

(2) Slot in the filter funnel and fill it with coffee ground

(3) Screw in the top part of the Moka Pot … the one that’s going to be filled with thick, almost espresso like, black coffee

(4) Place the Moka Pot on the stove burner on low fire

(5) When the water in the bottom compartment boils, the steam pushes the hot water through the filter funnel that contains the coffee grounds extracting the coffee flavour and aroma. The hot coffee flows from the funnel filter into the top compartment through a nozzel in the top (jug/kettle like) container. The whole process takes about 4 – 5 minutes.

(6) Wait for the extraction process while taking in the coffee aroma that fills the kitchen. When steam comes out sputtering from the nozzel, the hot water in the bottom compartment has been transferred to the to compartment.

(7) While waiting for the whole brewing process to complete, heat some milk, but not boil, and place it in a mug. I use a motorised milk frother to foam uo the hot milk

This is what the milk frother looks like … handy gadget to have eh? It’s a Bodum Shiuma, motorised handheld milh frother.

(8) Pour the hot coffee into a cup …

(9) Pour the frothed milk onto the coffee, scooping the foam into the cup as well …

(10) And … one cup of home made cappucino. The air bubbles in the milk foam creates an insulation that keeps the coffee warm longer.

The whole process takes quite a while compared to mixing a cup of instant coffee, but the difference in taste is huge … to a point I stopped buying instant coffee anymore.

The french press coffee maker that I have …

… That goes to the office where I can still enjoy great coffee while working. I can now enjoy good coffee at home and at work.

  1. jug kettle says:

    I still prefer my jug kettle!

  2. Abedib says:

    I love to see a demo on how you do it.thanks

    • nazley says:

      You see it,
      You learn how to use it,
      You taste the coffee that comes out of it,

      you might go and get yourself one after the “demo”
      (bukan racun aaaa…)