A Visual Out of Boredom

Posted: 20 July, 2009 in Babbles & Rants, Pen & Paper

I’m no artist for sure, but when I don’t know what to do, I doodle. I doodle, sketch, draw … from, my own interpretation and imagination. Sketching, watercolour, colour pencils, it doesn’t matter. The result, frankly, I think it’s far from good. My kids could draw better probably …

However …

I like it. It’s my work. I guess it’s a subconscious me. When I start to doodle or draw, my mind gets separated from the real world. Peace … That’s it!

I am in a world where nobody can tell me what to do, or what I do wrong. Very therapeutic in a sense. I’d get a pen and paper if I want relaxation. I would either write in my moleskine of doodle something.

Yoga? …

Nahhh … It’s for someone else, not me.

  1. Abedib says:

    I share your views Nazley.