Data Transfer

Posted: 24 July, 2009 in Gadgets & Toys, Tech & The Net

Moving files from an old 200GB HDD to a new 500GB HDD. The old 200GB needs to be reformatted and ‘repurposed’ to become an external storage.

This is first time fiddling with Hard Disks. Usually I’ll send it to a shop and get someone to do it. I guess, after a long time of learning by watching people do it, only now I have the courage to do this simple operation.

Doing something different, doing something I don’t understand much about was the reason I could think of not doing this earlier. Another reason … okay, I admit it … I was chicken. I was afraid I’d break my computer.

The transfer would take about 220 minutes, as displayed on the monitor. That’s another four hours to go. I’ll sleep on it and check it out in the morning.

I know some would laugh reading this, but this 42 year old man actually feels proud of himself … I learned something new. A transfer of knowledge … a data transfer.


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