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Posted: 28 July, 2009 in Babbles & Rants, Pen & Paper
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It was not the first time that this had happened to me. Someone asked me what was I doing during a meeting last Saturday.

A gentleman next to me tapped on my shoulders and asked me what was I doodling while an executive was giving a presentation.

“Taking notes”, I replied.

“Notes …” he said “I am sure you were drawing or sketching something of sorts.”

“I was taking notes”, he added, while showing a piece of paper with some words scribbled on it.

“Okay, I was taking notes … and doodling at the same time”, I admitted to him, and showed him my note book.

The last response I got from him was a small nod and “Ooo .. I see”.

I have a short attention span, especially listening to something new and something I don’t really have interest in. In this case, I am not interested in the topic, but needed to jot down some important points for work purposes and reference. When it’s not interesting to me, facts, figures and procedures usually won’t stick in the glob of white mass between my ears. I hear, but I was not really listening … so, I take notes to remember.

But sometimes, my mind still wanders around and I’ll be thingking of a different thing altogether. I usually doodle or draw what is related to the topic at hand so that it keeps my mind attached to the topic and catch important items put forth in the meeting or briefing.


This is a page out of my moleskine with scribbles of notes and doodles I scribbled during that meeting on Saturday that attracted one man’s attention.

What do you think?

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