More info on the Nokia Booklet 3G

Posted: 24 August, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

The details beginning to trickle in …

All About Symbian compiled the Nokia Booklet 3G specifications as follows;-

The Nokia Booklet re-inforces Nokia’s Ovi strategy, which sees software and services (such as Ovi Maps and Nokia Music Store), running across multiple devices – on multiple platforms, as key trend for the future and important growth area. The Nokia Booklet 3G will feature multiple Ovi services, including Ovi Maps (on desktop gadget), Nokia Music Store (including streaming services), Ovi Files (cloud storage) and enable full sync to Nokia’s mobile devices through Ovi Suite software.

Key hardware information

  • Intel Atom Chipset (Z530 running at 1.6 Ghz). No fan, which means near silent running.
  • 120 GB hard disk
  • 3G / HSDPA and WiFi connectivity, plus integrated Bluetooth for local wireless communication
  • 12 hour battery life
  • 19.9 mm thick x 264 mm width x 185 mm depth
  • 10.1 inch glass HD ready display
  • Front facing video camera mounted, on top of the screen, for video calling
  • 1 x HDMI port (for HD video out), 1 x integarted SD card reader, 3 x USB ports, 1 x audio port
  • Integrated A-GPS
  • Stereo speakers mounted on the front right and left corners

Key software information

  • Tight integration with Ovi Services including Ovi Suite for syncing seamlessly to other Nokia devices and the cloud.
  • Ovi Maps gadget, which can pinpoint your position within seconds, and ‘opens up access for a truly personal maps experience’.
  • Runs Windows as its operating system. We’ll hear what version next week, at Nokia World. However given the inclusion of a Ovi Maps ‘gadget; it seems reasonable to assume it will be Windows Vista or above. Given the timing and premium features it is not unreasonable to assume this will be a Windows 7 device. Update: The video embedded below seems to confirm Windows 7 as the OS, although there is no official word on this.Why Windows? Windows is the ‘logical choice and is the market leader’.

  • Takes less than 60 seconds to boot up from cold.

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