Lamy Safari White (limited edition)

Posted: 27 August, 2009 in Babbles & Rants, Pen & Paper
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I have white Lamay Safari as well … In fact I have both the Black and White Summer 2007 Limited Edition. And I like them both.

I have the black filled with Pelikan Black for ‘official’ use, and the white is loaded with Private Reserve Fiesta Red. That’s for my moleskine journal.

I like how inkyjournal place the pen on flower bushes and a couple of blossoms to accentuate the photograph, making the pen look more classy than it really is …

from inkyjournal;

Review Lamy Safari White (limited edition)

via Inkyjournal – reviews of ink, fountain pens, notebooks, moleskine on 8/27/09

In my search for all the Lamy Safari’s Limited Editions I like, this white one, was one of the last pen’s I wanted besides the Lamy Safari Lime. I bought this pen at Writer’s Bloc. The pen was shipped fast (with some Rhodia stuff I also ordered). The pen came without converter. That was a little bummer because Pen Gallery put those things in the box also. But my daughter had a spare one left, wich I was allowed to use.
Lamy Safari White LE

Reviews on Lamy Safari are online available just google it. I wanted you to show the beauty of this pen. You can also read my review on the Lamy Safari Pink and Orange.

This pen did not come in a cardboard box but in a plastic one. Also a nice box I think that suites this pen very well.
Lamy Safari White LE
Lamy Safari White LE

My pen has a fine nib that writes great. I filled this pen with Aurora Blue. The nib makes the ink swing on the paper.
Lamy Safari White LE

This cap has a crosshairknob at the top. The Orange and the Pink one don’t have that. So they must have changed the model a little bit.
Lamy Safari White LE

Lamy has a great winner with the Safari-line. The company is good enough to exploit the Safari long years ahead. But it is a great design. Many say it is the best pen under the $ 100,=
Lamy Safari White LE

Lamy is an independent family-owned enterprise which was established in 1930 by C. Josef Lamy in Heidelberg. The LAMY brand has existed since 1952 and proved its innovative prowess in the very first year with the completely novel LAMY 27 fountain pen series. And in 1966 the distinctive style of Lamy Design was born with the LAMY 2000.


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