New Eye Wear

Posted: 4 September, 2009 in Babbles & Rants


I went to pick up my new glasses (or should I say spectacles) …

This is the most expensive pair of glasses I’ve paid for RM1,000 and that’s not including the frame. In fact I skimp a little by using the old frame.

Why the high price tag?

I got myself the Varilux Transitions lenses by Essilor. It’s progressive glasses for these old eyes. Nowadays a bi-focal is no longer ‘chic’. I feel like I’ll look 20 years older if I use bi-focals. Meaning the premium I paid for the lenses was not to make me look old …

Jokes aside, I did some reading about photochromatic lenses before I went and ordered these new pair. I had surgery on both eyes due to cateract and the artificial lens implantes in my eyes, gave me back my eye sight back, with some defects …  it’s not the ‘original’ thing. I find it a bit glary in bright lights and feel a little stressed out I stayed too long under the sun.  So, rather than making a set of normal glasses and another set sunglasses, I thought, I’d give this Transitions lens a try. With the amount of money I paid for the glasses, I really hope the lenses lives up to its name.

This is the TV commercial that sold me on the Essilor Transitions.

  1. John Labu says:

    Wah.. nih spec mahal. Bole gelap & terang dengan sendirinya.. syabas betta!!!