New MTA Constitution – Take it or leave it lah!

Posted: 21 October, 2009 in Babbles & Rants

MTA turmoil continues …

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 —Former Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) president Raja Taharuddin Nong Chik today criticised the new constitution formulated by the MTA ad-hoc committee, claming it was a lop-sided document.

He claimed that the constitution accorded more voting rights to clubs which were previously under state associations, thus eroding the voting power of state associations.

“They should have consulted affiliate members first before deciding on the constitution,” he told reporters here today.

The ad-hoc committee is chaired by Olympic Council of Malaysia president Tan Sri Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja’afar with memberships from MTA, Malaysian Taekwondo Federation (MTF) and Malaysian Taekwondo Clubs Association (MTCA).

The committee is responsible in administering MTA and in suggesting amendment to its constitution.

Raja Taharuddin claimed that the new constitution proposed by the committee was rejected by state associations as well as MTA’s affiliate bodies comprising the Armed Forces and the Malaysian University Sports Council. — Bernama



Malaysian Taekwondo Association internal political turmoil seems to be never ending. The national body that’s supposed to handle matters about taekwondo and taekwondo clubs has been deregistered, re-registered then deregistered again … this is not taekwondo, it’s more like ping pong.

The government had already interfered and appointed an ad-hoc committee to re-write the association’s constitution … make it “LAW” then. You can’t satisfy everybody. I can’t understand the commotion about voting rights of clubs and state associations. It looks like a power struggle of sorts … Or is it?

Reading a snippet of the news, I understand why clubs were given voting rights in the first place. These Taekwondo exponents are groomed and trained by the clubs. Once these young fighters are ready to represent the state or country, the clubs will want to have some say on what their charges would do and should get. Their Masters will want their charges to get the best benefit while doing their best for the country.

Who is actually churning out new talents? Most of the time it’s the Taekwondo Clubs or academies.

If I were an owner or instructor of a taekwondo club, I do not want to see my best students to be taken away by the state and then all the credit is taken by the state when these students started bringing numerous medals for the country. I i.e. the club did all the hard work and the state associations just take the credit … I don’t see any fairness in this.

Furthermore, most taekwondo clubs are running a business. These clubs want to be credited to the success of their students so that the name of the club ranks highly in the public eyes, and the club will get more new students signing up. It’s a profit oriented business where the owners of the club neeb to generate income to pay the instructors, equipment and other overhead expenses. The word GOODWILL is very important for businesses.

I might be wrong, but State Associations are government funded bodies and it is not their main objective to make profits. The fighters will get a better centralised training then on, but the State Associations just need to ask for funding from the government or work based on the grants already given.

For this same reason, I totally support the idea that State Associations be given some right to vote as well. They shold have some say to the directions they plan to take the sport. If the direction taken is beneficial to all parties, the athlete, the clubs and the country, the State Associations should not worry too much about voting powers. After all, the state or the clubs have the same objective … to push taekwondo as a highly recognized and respected sport in the country and the world.

I am thinking out aloud here …

The government butt in and solved the internal squabbles of the MPGA (Malaysian Professional Golfers Association) successfully and I don’t think the government should do any different for Taekwondo … Or any other organizations for that matter.

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