What The §@*% … A&W Root Beer In A Paper Cup.

Posted: 1 November, 2009 in Babbles & Rants, Food & Cooking

I was at an A&W; Restaurant Outlet this afternoon and ordered my favourite softdrink … The famous A&W; Rootbeer.


Instead of getting the usual ice cold rootbeer in a cold glass mug, I was served this ….


The rootbeer was served in a paper cup and it is not cold as expected. I wouldn’t mind as much if I ordered to go, but I was a dine-in customer. When asked, the girl behind the counter said, “oh, we are out of glass mugs.”

Not even an apology or asking me in advanced if I don’t mind the rootbeer served in a paper cup. Even then, I would not take that as an excuse. A&W; all around the world serve their rootbeers in tall, icy cold glass mugs and it is no reason this one outlet in Ampang serve its rootbeer in paper cups.

Each outlet should have enough mugs to serve everyone of its customer for the whole day of operations and serve the rootbeer like this, as advertised ….


Otherwise, I would call it false advertising.

Call me anal … but I want my A&W; Rootbeer in the tall, iced cold glass mug.

Posted by Wordmobi

  1. Mr Willabie says:

    About five years ago at an A&W in Penticton BC, I got root beer in a WARM glass mug. Nothing worse! Couldn’t finish it! So yesterday (About five years later) I give them another try. Luke warm root beer IN A PAPER CUP and it was dining in. Now the wife enjoys those teenie tiny teenburgers but this time she agreed Not worth it; Never Again! …and those dirty community handled salt & pepper shakers at each table? Well, that’s another cost saving story!!!

    • nazley says:

      good day Mr. Willabie …

      I had been to Penticton BC a long while ago while I was studying for my bachelors degree at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. And my experience there was an unpleasant one. It was at Fish and Chips restaurant. It was a self-service type restaurant. I placed an order and was asked to take a seat and my order will be sent to my table. After a while, more than 20 minutes, I asked the waiters about my order and they said they have served me the order and I have finished eating it … accusing me of trying to get a second helping for free. Being an asian student on a foreign country, and visiting a foreign town (was out on the Okanagan looking for the Ogopogo :P), I did not want any trouble I just left the place and the town, upset, disappointed and hungry.

      The story has nothing to do with the A&W lousy service but the name Penticton brought back unpleasant memories.