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Posted: 6 January, 2010 in Babbles & Rants, Gadgets & Toys

A few weeks back, I started to walk around the neighbourhood more frequently. The light workout I get from the morning made me feel better through out the day. I decided to record my morning walk and post status updates to twitter and facebook on the distance I covered.

Initially I used the Nokia Sports Tracker application that comes with my Nokia E71. The app tracked the route and distance via GPS. A facebook buddy introduced me to this Nike+ Sportband when he saw me actively walking. I read a few reviews and decided to get one myself.

The Nike+ Sportband is available at Nike Concept Stores and I got mine at Suria KLCC. The gadget set be back RM229.00 without the Nike+ compatible shoes. A pair of Nike runners will cost me another RM300 or more, so I decided to use the gadget with the pair I already have.

The package comes with 2 pieces of ‘hardware’, a small sensor that is supposed to be placed in the sole of a Nike+ compatible shoes and a wristband with an electronic receiver that gets the running information from the sensor and displays the information on a tiny monochrome LCD screen. The device churns out information on how far I have walked/ran, pace, the time and also the calories burned.

The sensor is about the size of 3 x 50 sen coin stacked together. I don’t have a pair Nike runners, so I just placed the sensor in my socks, close to the shoelace. I tested it out this morning and it worked great. I do not have to hold my mobile phone during the workout. (I have to hold the phone because, if placed in my pocket, the GPS signal could intermittently lose satelite connection and not track my distance properly).

Here’s the data from this morning – .

The ‘reciever’ on the armband can easily be detached and plugged into a USB port. The data from the device will be uploaded to Nike+ website – . There the workout datas uploades will be available for viewing and the statistics on the run reviewed.

I’ve only used it once this morning, and I like it.

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  2. […] bought the Nike+ Sportband earlier in the month, hoping the gadget would automatically keep track and monitor my morning walks […]

  3. […] has a detachable electronic counter (like a pendrive). The other part of the kit is a tiny sensor (Nazley describes it as the height of a stack of three 50 sen coins) which goes inside one of the shoes. […]

  4. Chet says:

    I was wondering where to put the sensor in the shoes without making my foot feel uncomfortable during the walk. After reading your post, now I know! But which foot – left or right?

    • nazley says:

      Chet – I don’t know if it matters whether it’s left or right. I placed the sensor in my right shoe and wear the wristband on my left wrist.

      Recently, I “repurposed” an old belt clip for an old PDA to attach the sensor to the shoelaces near the shoe’s ‘tongue’. I have taken a few photos but have not come to the writing part yet.