HACK: Nike+ Sportband Sensor On A Non Nike+ Ready Shoes

Posted: 21 January, 2010 in Babbles & Rants, Gadgets & Toys

I purchased a Nike+ Sportband a few weeks ago and used the gadget Not on a Nike+ ready jogging shoes. I used the Nike+ Sportband system with my old Power brand jogging shoes. Initially, I placed the sensor on top of the shoes where the shoelaces is, wrapped in a small plastic bag, just like this guy here.

The hack worked fine. But, one day I found an old unused belt clip casing for my old PDA and thought of “re-purposing” the clip. and the end result is this:

I started off with the same technique of wrapping the sensor in a small plastic bag. Then, I used a soldering iron to make to holes as in the photo below.

The two holes are for fixing the “circular hooks” that attached to the belt clip. I think pictures will make the explanation clearer.

The sensor will be wrapped and fastened to the “disc hook” like the following;

The larger belt clip is fastened to the shoelaces as so;

And, finally … clip on the sensor to the main belt clip and you are ready to run.

I’ve been using this D.I.Y. contraption for a week now, and confident that the sensor will not “fly” off the shoe.

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