Walking: January 2010

Posted: 31 January, 2010 in Babbles & Rants

Okeyy dokeyy … time to gloat 😛

I bought the Nike+ Sportband earlier in the month, hoping the gadget would automatically keep track and monitor my morning walks and motivate me to keep on walking and better my distance and time. Glad to say, it worked. Today, the last day of January 2010, I have covers a distance of 179.2km … something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before. Here’s the graphical summary of my 1 month of power walking. [click image for a larger picture]

If I had “studied” the result yesterday, I would have gone the extra one kilometer today to get the 180km per month mark.

When I started to do my morning walk as a routine, I only set a goal of 3 sessions a week, 3 or so kilometres a session and aiming 10 kilometres a week. After the first couple of days, the walk became something I look forward to every morning. It’s not a workout that I have to do every morning, but something I really WANT to do to start my day. The Nike+ gadget helped me track how I and doing over the days and keep me motivated to go on and better myself. The RM229, I paid for the gadget paid for itself in just I month, in my opinion. My wife who initially grumbled when I bought the Nike+ Sportband, now gives her stamp of approval.

What’s next?

Well, I want to get my weight down to double digits only. Open declaration here. I am morbidly obese weighing at 118kg when I had my medical check-up in November last year. When I went to the clinic again last week, the weighing scale pointed to 110kg … that made me smile, 8 kilos … now another 11 kilos to go to get to 99kg. I will continue what I started and go for the goal. I don’t plan to drastically reduce my weight, but what is more important is to keep the kilos I lost, off!

Also, I keep track of my blood pressure, daily. On average now, for this past month, the blood pressure monitor has been giving me a reading of 130/70 (plus/minus 5). I feel good. The next visit to the doctor, I’d like to ask him if he would reduce the dose of my blood pressure medication. The less pills I have to take daily the better.

As far as walking/jogging is concerned, I will use January as a benchmark. So for February, it’ll be 5 workouts a week. Targeted distance is 180km and 20,000 calories burned.

There … that’s it … I’ve gotten it out of my chest. That’s what I want to do and I will stick to it.

  1. Chet says:

    Bravo, Nazley!

    I have also felt more motivated by my Nike+ Sportband, even though I only started using it last week.