Energizer Night Race 2010: Training Week 1 – Day 1

Posted: 8 February, 2010 in Babbles & Rants

Okay, first step done. I registered for the Energizer Night Race next March. Entered the 10K Men’s Veteran category.

Now comes the second step … training for the race.

I feel today is the perfect day to start the training. I’ve only started walking a couple of months ago and only started doing short jogs beginning of February. One reason I signed up for the race is to keep me motivated and keep on doing my early morning walk/jog. Now there is another reason why I go out every morning for a workout … the race.

Weighing at 110kg, I would be one of the heavier runners (maybe even the heaviest) but for sure don’t want to be the slowest. So, today I decided to reduce distance and concentrate on speed … and maintaining the speed. Then week by week I’ll try to build up stamina and increase the distance to 10 kilometers. I don’t have a proper trainer, I just do this based on bits of information I get from the internet.

This was this morning’s run. I dare to say “run” now because I actually jogged the entire distance this morning.

I am quite satisfied with the pace but I’d like to get it closer to 8min/km that way I am setting a personal goal of completing the 1oK in 80 minutes. Currently my best 5K of about 43 minutes, is right on target to finishing a 10K run in one and a half  hours.

However, I do not have the stamina (yet) to complete the 10K in 90 minutes.

Why 90 minutes?

The Energizer Night Race organizers has set a qualifying time of 90 minutes to complete the 10K for a medal … and I want a medal! It could be a tall order since I only started running recently. Deep inside, I know I can do it. The goal for this run is not only to make it to the finish line, but to do it within the qualifying time.

And I have another six weeks to train for the event.


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