My Walk and Jog Story – February 2010

Posted: 2 March, 2010 in Babbles & Rants

180 kilomeers … that was the distance I set myself to cover walking or jogging for February 2010, but I did not get to do it. I only managed a distance of 141km.

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I would not say I failed … I was just denied the chance to reach my target. I only got to walk/jog until February 20th, then I fell ill. I caught a bug that infected my intestines which caused intense diarrhea. Severely dehydrated, I was confined to the hospital bed for almost 1 week. I just got discharged yesterday.

Okay … 141km till February 2oth. Had I not gotten sick, I have another week to cover the remaining 40km to reach my 180km target. Forty kilometers in a week is very doable.

My body was really stressed out from the gut infection, and the doctor asked me to take it easy for the next three days. If I start working out, the additional stress would prolong my recovery. I decided to follow the doctor’s advice and rest a while and get back on track next week.

For the month of March, I am setting the same target as February, 180km. I’ll only start next week, which means I already lost a week of March.

By the way, before I left the hospital yesterday, I weighed myself and the scale pointed to 105kg. In December last year I weighed 118kg. I have  already lost a dozen or so kilogrammes which puts me on the right track to see a two digit number buy the end of the year. In fact, it is not impossible to do it by June, I think.

Gotta go work on it ….

  1. Adib Noh says:

    To me, it is a great success for you to walk 141km.I only did 100km of cycling and then I had a fall in Feb.However,I managed to walk about 20km.IMHO, success is not a destination;it is a work in progress.I set out to cycle 2009km last year, but I did 1808km.I could have set it at 1600km and call it a great success!

    Now,I also enjoy walking with my wife.For March 2010,I only plan to do 100km of cycling with 40km of walking(10km@week)