Energizer Night Race: The Day After

Posted: 28 March, 2010 in Babbles & Rants

A tiring night, but overall a fun night. This is the first time I run/walked at night. The body is so used to working out early in the morning that a night event like this one was not really very comfortable. The night was hot and humid. I “ran out of gas” after about 4km. The rest of the 6km is mostly brisk walking. The route was a little hilly and I can feel my heart rate going very fast. Not complaining though, just my observation and personal review. Got to find a new place to jog with some incline to get use to such terrain.

Here’s a summary or the run stats recorded using Nokia Sportstracker.

here’s another graphical representation of last night’s run.

It is not my best 10K, but considering the time and the run and hilly terrain (not really steep incline, but something I am not used to), I am happy with the run. I did not finish in the 90 minutes qualification time but I finished the race nevertheless.

And, this is my first finisher medal ever (in any type of race, or sporting event for that matter)…

Here are some snapshots from last nigh.


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