I am posting via Gravity to my wordpress

Posted: 31 March, 2010 in Babbles & Rants

I am posting via Gravity to my wordpress account. A cool twitter like status posting to WP using my mobile.

  1. kbaab says:

    How does that work?

    • nazley says:

      @kbaab – In Gravity, click the “add account” button, and create a StatusNet account. You do not need a statusnet account though, just create on in Gravity. Put in your wordpress username and password. Leave the “Use SSL” at No. In the API Base URL: key in “twitter-api.wordpress.com” (without the quotes).

      In Gravity you will get a new account on the main screen as “twitter-api.wordpress.com”. Go into that account and post a tweet as you would normally do. That tweet will get posted on your WordPress blog.

      Good luck trying.