Pelikan M215 Fountain Pen … Back In Action

I lost my one of Parker 45s a few months back, and that made me stop using my favourite pen, the Pelikan M215 for a while. Well, at least I did not take it out with me wherever I go. I’d use it when I am writing at home, but it goes back in the desk drawer after that.

For daily knock around pen, I’d have a Pilot G2 1.0 always clipped to my pocket. I still use a fountain pen at my office, but stuck with the cheaper Pelikan Level 65.

I took my Pelikan collection for cleaning and ink refilling, and I thought I’d use the M215 back in my daily pen rotation. I love fountain pens and this one here is the most expensive (that I can afford to splurge on) I bought for myself. I decided, if I bought it just to be kept in the drawers and gets used occasionally, it would really be a waste. I’d like to enjoy using the pen so it’ll be worth the money i spent on it.

… I just need to be extra carefull, and not be careless leaving the pen everywhere.