Always check the receipt!

Posted: 1 October, 2010 in Babbles & Rants

This is not the first time. A similar situation happened to me before … at the same Hypermarket.

I went out to buy an electric thermoflask to replace mine which broke a few days ago. I saw this 5 litre capacity flask tagged as special for RM129.00. A good deal I thought, so, I took one off the shelf and straight to the cashier.

"Ka chingggg" … and the cash register shows a figure of RM149.00. I immediately highlighted the error but the cashier told me that I might have checked out the tag for a different model. Giving ther the benefit of the doubt, I paid for the electric thermos and went back to the shelf to double check on the price.

I was right, the price is tagged as RM129. I made a complaint at the customer service counter and was refunded the RM20 that was overcharged to me.

Good …

This is a friendly reminder to always check your receipt after every purchace. In this case, if I just paid and keep the receipt in my pocket. I lose RM20 and the store gained an extra profit of RM20.

Always check what you buy and how much you pay for them.

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