Inspiration comes in many ways

Posted: 11 October, 2010 in Babbles & Rants

I came across this youtube video while researching for running shoes. I usually don’t click on video clippings in articles, but this time I did …

I was glad I did.

Go on, click the  PLAY button!

The beginning of the video showing a normal young Ben reminded me of  … well … me.

Then, the video goes on to show that Ben got big … well so did I. I started to put on weight since my high school years and the weight gain really picked up during college, courting and marriage. I was lucky, because unlike Ben, my relationship with the love of my life remained strong … from courting to marriage to now raising a family of four boys!

I am blessed with a loving wife, a wonderful family.

But, like Ben, as I grow larger, I became unhappy person. I became sickly. I became sick so often that people are surprised to see me at events and functions … because they expected me to be sick at home. I guess the stress, the anxiety, the emotional breakdown made me slip into obesity more and more.

I tried to be happy. I make some friends I go out and have fun once in a while … but that’s it. Once I get back home, I became the unhappy me again.

I don’t know what inspired Ben to start running. In my case, it was my being sick too many times. December 2009. I had a muscle sprain on the left part of my chest. It was so painful that I went to the hospital to consult a physician. Being fat (the doctor categorised me as morbidly obese) the hospital quickly put me through some procedures to check my heart. The doctor at the Accident and Emergency department thought I was having a heart attack!

It scared me! A LOT!

I was okay. It was just a pulled muscle caused my bulging tummy. The doctored said, “Your heart is fine … for now. But, I don’t know for how long if you choose to keep that weight you are carrying”.

THAT was my turning point.

At that moment I asked the doctor what should I do … How should I start.

Ben ran … I started to walk.


My son, holding my old pants ... 48 inch waistline


I forced myself to get up and go out and walk on Boxing Day 2009.

To date, I  had not loss as much weight as Ben has, but I shed some pounds … errr … kilograms. Each gram I loss made me feel better. I don’t get sick as much nowadays. My morning walks picked up pace. I became speedier. I am still fat but I feel more capable, more energetic than I was a year ago. All the fat was eating away my energy, I guess!

Back to the video … I was able to walk and jog 5km, then 10km. Later on, my friends, seeing my progress persuaded me to run a race. My first race was a 1oK night run. I did not care how fast I ran at that race. I just wanted to finish the race. And when I did, the feeling was wonderful.

I have 4 children and I do not want them to go through what I went through. My healthy and active lifestyle is not for me alone but extended to the whole family. Yesterday, to commemorate the 1oth day, of the 10th month of the 10th year of the millennium, I signed up the family for the 10!10!10! Fun Run. It was a fun family weekend.

Next week, there’ll be the Mizuno Wave Run, which I’ll be running with my my eldest son.

To Ben … Congratulations. Keep up the good work and hopefully what you do will inspire many more people to live a healthy and HAPPY life.

And Ben Davis ….. Thank you.


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