Screen Protector for the Nokia N8 … Naahhhh!

The first thing I bought for my Nokia N8 was a screen protector. It was a cheap, RM10.00 piece of sticky plastic pasted on the N8 screen. First, the clear display was blurred by the screen protector. But I thought I could live with that as long I can protect my N8 screen from scratches. I put my phone in my pocket with my keys and coins … sure enough after a few days, there were scratches on the screen protector.

I said to myself, “see … the screen protector is doing its job, preventing the keys and coins from scratching the display”.

After a few more days, after hundreds of phone calls later, my oily cheek started to weaken the screen protector adhesive and a few days after that the screen protector just peeled off in my pocket.

Not satisfied with the “cheapo” screen protector, I searched the net for a good screen protector for my N8.

And … this is what I found!

I don’t need a screen protector after all. The N8 is fitted with a gorilla glass which is very scratch resistant and the anodised aluminium body is hard enough to withstand the daily abuse of keys and coins in my pocket.

I have not found any information on the glass used for the N8 camera … hopefully it’s gorilla glass as well.


  1. Worry not. The glass on the N8 is also gorilla glass and any mishap powerful enough to scratch or damage the gorilla glass will not be hindered by a piece of plastic screen protector only microns thin.

  2. An ideal N8 screen protector must be thin, clear, durable, and able to give total body protection to the set. It should be easily installed and will fit in nicely to the curves and outlines to the phone that it is hardly noticeable to the naked eye.

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