2011 Running Calendar.

Posted: 22 February, 2011 in Babbles & Rants

Already registered for the Energizer Night Run this coming April and a moment ago just completed the online registration for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Both will be a 10K race and I don’t see myself running a Half Marathon yet. One of the main reason I registered for such races is to create a purpose for me to go out and train. Everytime I go out running in the morning, I have a sense of purpose … Training for the races. I plan to run only three races this year. I have already signed up for two, the other one I plan to sign up will be the Siemens run, sometime in the third quarter of the year. Well maybe another races at the end of the year.

16th April 2011 will be the Eneegizer Night Run. My chance to run on the Sepang F1 race track. A couple of months after that- 26th June will be the StanChart KL Marathon. I had fun last year, so I’d take part again this year for another fun event.

There’s a 10K Bangi Run this weekend. Still undecided to participate or not but will go register on the spot if I feel up to it on Saturday.

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